The startup / commissioning phase of a project is arguably the most critical, with more opportunities for failure than success if not planned and executed properly.  A structured program is essential to support an efficient, effective and safe startup, moving a new process facility from the construction phase to an operating status.  It is also essential to have a structured team of operations, maintenance, engineering and construction personnel implementing the startup / commissioning program with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  From experience, we know the best startup / commissioning planning begins early in the engineering phase and continues throughout the project. Maintaining availability of key engineering personnel is critical to ensure the institutional project design knowledge is available for startup / commissioning planning and execution.

We provide startup / commissioning support to our clients, ranging from field engineering staffing to development and management of full programs.  There is no single “best” approach.  We favor integrated startup / commissioning teams, with responsibilities assigned to achieve the best value and outcome for the project and client.

Early development of operating procedures and training of operations and maintenance staff is important.  Our experience is that such efforts serve as another verification step in the facility design, and pay significant dividends in enabling the staff to participate in the commissioning planning and execution.  We frequently collaborate with our clients in development of operations and maintenance procedures and conducting training.

Startup / Commissioning areas of support include:

  • Startup / Commissioning Plan Development
  • Operating Procedures Development
  • Operator Training
  • FAT / SAT Coordination
  • Testing Plan Development
  • Check-Out Verification
  • Process Control Loop Tuning
  • Field Device Calibration
  • Vendor Startup / Commissioning Coordination
  • Pre-Startup Safety Reviews
  • Handover / Turnover Planning
  • Punch List Development
  • Startup / Commissioning Management
  • Augmentation of Client Staff
  • Software Verification and Validation