We can manage the procurement work process from procurement plan development through contract closeout, or provide services to augment a client’s procurement organization.  Procurement documents can be developed within our systems or within a client’s purchasing or enterprise management system.  When beneficial to our clients, we provide limited-agency procurement support, assuming responsibility for the full scope of project procurement.  We apply project-tailored approaches to reduce costs, ensure supplier accountability and shorten delivery times.  We have significant experience in supporting industrial project procurement, from complex capital equipment and engineered systems to bulks and services.

Procurement services include:

  • Procurement Plan Development
  • Procurement Database Development
  • Sourcing Planning, Supplier Evaluation and Bidders List Preparation
  • Shop Surveillance
  • Contract Terms and Conditions Development
  • Request for Quotation Development and Issuance
  • Bid Process Management
  • Bid Receiving, Conditioning and Adjudication
  • Supplier Reference Verification
  • Purchase Award Recommendation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Purchase Order Preparation
  • Contract Management through Closeout
  • Invoice / Payment Coordination
  • Change / Variance Management
  • Spare Parts Definition and Procurement
  • Lay-Down and Warehousing Planning
  • Receiving Coordination and OS&D Resolution
  • Procurement Status Reporting
  • Field Procurement Plan Development
  • Cash Flow Forecasting and Tracking

Expediting services can be provided, from order placement through receiving and contract closeout to ensure schedule maintenance.  Expediting services include:

  • Monitor Supplier Compliance
  • Monitor Shop Drawings Turn Around
  • Monitor Supplier Purchasing Progress
  • Monitor Supplier Fabrication Progress
  • Monitor Supplier Shipping Progress
  • Monitor Supplier Data Supply

Observation services can be provided to verify contract compliance and quality requirements.  Observation services include:

  • Review Supplier Quality Program
  • Conduct Supplier Audits
  • Non-Conformance and Observation Reporting
  • Confirm Resolution of Non-Conformities
  • Conduct Hold-Point and Witness Observation
  • Conduct Final Observation Prior to Shipment
  • FAT Support

Logistics services can be provided to plan, coordinate, and execute shipping and receiving of equipment and materials.  Logistics services include:

  • Transportation and Logistics Management Plan Development
  • Transportation Options Evaluation
  • Freight Forwarder Coordination
  • Transportation Monitoring and Reporting
  • Inventory Control Coordination