Kestrel provides power generation (power) process engineering services for retrofit and new plant construction.  We support services to the fossil and bioenergy power generation industries.  Whether addressing coal, oil, natural gas, biomass, biogas, or waste heat recovery, we support projects ranging from greenfield power generation / CHP feasibility studies to BOP systems upgrade.  We have substantial experience in addressing complex power process projects successfully from conception through startup and commissioning.

We have particular expertise in existing power plant support services, frequently providing retrofit evaluations and designs related to heat rate improvement, BOP upgrade/replacement, fuel handling modifications and other related projects.  Often, these projects require modeling of existing and modified plant operation.  We employ a broad range of modeling tools to support these efforts, including STEAM PRO®, GT PRO®, GateCycle® and others, completing efficient early options evaluation and analysis to support client decision processes.  These same tools are employed in new generation facilities options evaluation and design.

Areas of power process engineering expertise include the following:

  • New Generation Options
  • Combined Heat and Power Assessments
  • Water Use Minimization
  • Water Balances
  • Water Treatment Options Evaluation
  • Codes and Standards Interpretation
  • Existing Plant Performance and Upgrade Options
  • Fuel Options and Co-Firing Evaluation
  • Single- and Two-Phase Flow Hydraulic Analysis
  • Wastewater Treatment Options Evaluation
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Design

Power process engineering services and deliverables include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Heat and Material Balances / Flow Diagrams
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Options Analysis
  • Controls Narratives
  • Design Basis / Criteria Development
  • Program Documents / System Descriptions
  • Regulatory Compliance Support

Power process equipment specification, evaluation, and selection services include the following:

  • Combustion Turbine Generators
  • Steam Turbine Generators
  • Steam Generators
  • Reciprocating Engine Generators
  • Filtration / Separation Equipment
  • Air Quality Control Systems
  • Low BTU Biogas Treatment Systems
  • Condensers / Heat Rejection Systems
  • Emissions Control Equipment
  • Water / Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Balance of Plant Equipment
  • Fuel Conditioning Systems
  • Coal Combustion Residuals Systems