Kestrel provides plant layout services for retrofit and new plant construction.  We support our clients in early conceptual equipment and system layout planning through final engineering and design using AutoCAD®, Plant 3D®, Revit®, and CADWorx® 2D and 3D design platforms.  Autodesk Navisworks® integrates these CAD platforms for model reviews, which is an essential element of our project quality control work processes, allowing detection of interferences and clashes.  We conduct progressive collaborative model reviews with our clients’ engineering, operations and maintenance staff as well as contractors, vendors, technology providers, and other stakeholders.  3D models significantly aid in visualization and facilitate evaluation of the constructability, operability, maintainability and safety aspects of the design.  Our use of these design tools mitigates the potential for costly rework in the field and consistently improves the quality of the designed facility.

To be efficient and cost effective, each plant layout is specifically tailored to the client’s needs and desired level of detail.  However, we have the expertise to develop comprehensive plant layouts for complex systems, integrating components such as process equipment, piping, cable tray, electrical equipment, instrumentation, structural framing and platforms, underground piping and foundations.

Plant retrofits commonly occur in congested areas with significant equipment and complex layers of piping, structural steel, cable tray and other services.  Record design drawings are typically unavailable, incomplete or inaccurate.  This is common to nearly every project we develop.  We focus on early, thorough field documentation, often completing full 3D scans or 3D point scans to establish the locations of existing equipment, tie-ins and related systems/elements.  We then integrate these scans into the plant 3D model, providing a “real world” basis for the plant layout.

We have developed conceptual plant layouts for initial siting studies focusing on overall plant arrangement, transportation of raw materials (truck or rail) and waste collection and disposal.  These layouts may be utilized for early permitting or investment.  Beyond the initial conceptual stage, we integrate vendor supplied equipment, engineered equipment and structures together to provide a complete 3D model that can be used for many different stakeholders needs, including construction.

We routinely use 3D platforms to engineer and design modular systems that require the efficient use of space, while maintaining adequate maintenance and operations interface, all to meet our client’s expectations.

Kestrel has provided layout services for facilities/systems including:

  • Petroleum Refineries and Refinery Units
  • Industrial Minerals Facilities
  • Truck or Rail Loading/Offloading Stations
  • Cement Plants and Terminals
  • Tank Farms
  • Steam Generation Facilities
  • Water/Wastewater Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Generating Plants
  • Transload Facilities
  • Utility Gas Yards
  • Bulk Materials Handling Systems
  • Air Quality Control Systems
  • High Energy Piping Systems