Kestrel provides piping and vessel engineering and design services for retrofit and new plant construction.  We support our clients in comprehensive analysis and design of complex systems and equipment, ranging from high energy piping systems in power generation facilities to highly-hazardous service piping and vessels in hydrocarbons and chemical facilities.

Kestrel has particular experience in mechanical piping and vessel analysis, employing experienced staff and industry standard software and analysis tools, including CAESAR II®, NozzlePRO™, FE/Pipe™ and PV Elite®. Kestrel’s approach focuses on incorporating accurate boundary conditions as well as realistic solutions.  Our clients identify us as a preferred service provider for time-critical turnaround / outage piping projects involving complex designs and challenging sequencing.  These projects take place in a “real world” environment, highly space constrained and always lacking in existing accurate documentation.  Field documentation is essential as a starting point to our designs and we employ various work processes and tools, including 3D laser scanning, to establish a basis for our design.

Thorough understanding and application of relevant codes and standards in mechanical analysis is critical for project success.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Piping Static Flexibility (Stress) Analysis (ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4 and B31.8)
  • Piping Hydraulic Transient Analysis
  • High Energy Piping System Evaluation
  • Underground Piping Analysis
  • Spring Hanger, Guide and Anchor Evaluations
  • Piping Flanges Analysis (ASME B&PVC Section VIII Div.1 Mandatory Appendix 2)
  • Equipment Nozzle Evaluation (NEMA SM23, API 560, API 610, API 617, API 618, API 661, ASME B&PVC Section VIII Div. 2)
  • Pressure Relief Valve Reaction Analysis (ASME B31.1 Nonmandatory Appendix II, API 520 Part 2)
  • Metallurgical Engineering / Material Selection
  • Single- and Two-Phase Hydraulic Analysis
  • Vessel Design / Rerating (ASME B&PVC Section VIII)
  • Field-Erected and Shop Fabricated Tanks (API and AWWA)
  • Turbine Water Induction Protection Design (ASME TDP-1)
  • Insurer Compliance Evaluations

Piping and vessel engineering and design services and deliverables include:

  • Piping and Vessel 3D Models
  • Orthographic and Isometric Piping Drawings
  • Inspection Isometric Piping Drawings
  • Vessel Specification Drawings
  • Piping and Valve Material Specifications
  • Piping Line, Valve, Tie-in and Specialty Item Lists
  • Steam Tracing Design
  • Engineered Spring Hangers Specification and Design
  • Piping Supports Specification and Design
  • Tank Specification Drawings
  • Demolition Drawings
  • Fire Protection Design Basis
  • Large Bore, Heavy-Wall, and Alloy Piping and Valves