Kestrel considers the safety of our professionals, clients and communities to be of the highest importance.  We are a safety partner with our clients, consistently promoting a culture of working and living safely.  We are committed to providing a work environment where safety is pre-planned into every task, with the assumption that every injury is preventable.  Our goal is to provide professionals the time, equipment and training necessary to perform their jobs without injury.  We do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Kestrel’s safety program focuses on extensive employee education and training, including:

  • Start of employment safety orientation
  • Monthly company-wide safety meetings
  • Personal protective equipment training and inspection
  • Client-specific safety training
  • Site-specific safety training, including job hazard analysis for client facility entry
  • Statutory training (e.g., CSTOP, OSHA 10-hour, MSHA 24-hour)

Design safety is an essential element of our work in process facilities engineering.  We design facilities in highly hazardous environments, with a consistent focus on proactive incorporation of all safety codes, regulations and best practices into functional, constructible and operationally safe designs.  We work collaboratively with our clients in hazard identification and risk assessment early in our projects to eliminate or mitigate potential hazardous situations.  We team with our clients to develop efficient, cost-effective engineering designs to meet our clients’ business needs without compromising safety.

All Kestrel staff participate in pre-employment, random/periodic and post-incident drug and alcohol screening and background checks in compliance with regulations and in accordance with DISA and/or DOT testing protocols.