Kestrel provides a comprehensive range of technical services to our metals industry clients.  We support capital and maintenance projects, ranging from new technology implementation feasibility studies to facility expansions.

We have extensive materials handling experience, from conveyance to metering services for sticky, wet, reactive, hazardous, highly-abrasive, aerated / floodable, explosive and hot materials.  We have designed systems to store and convey run-of-mine materials through refined products, addressing the unique challenges of each material with practical solutions.  There are few off-the-shelf solutions to some of the most challenging metals facility materials handling problems and our clients work with us based on our track record of success.

Kestrel’s metals facilities experience includes the following industries:

  • Platinum Group Metals
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Gold
  • Lead
  • Magnesium

Kestrel’s metals facilities experience includes the following systems / areas:

  • Crushing Systems
  • Flotation Systems
  • Gravity Concentration Systems
  • Hot Metal Handling
  • Materials Handling Systems – Mine Through Product Loadout
  • Fugitive Dust Control / Collection Systems
  • Truck Loading and Unloading Systems
  • Rail Loading and Unloading Systems
  • Utility Systems
  • Comminution Systems
  • Screening / Classification Systems
  • Filtration / Drying Systems
  • Storage Systems – Stockpiles, Silos, Domes, Barns
  • Gas Cleaning Systems
  • Sampling Systems
  • Water / Wastewater Treatment
  • Chemical Reagent Systems

In conjunction with Elbow Creek Engineering, Kestrel provides mine / metals facilities wastewater and process solution treatment plant designs addressing metals-containing, cyanide-impacted and general wastewaters and process solutions.  Specific treatment system design experience includes the following:

  • Mine Tailings Treatment
  • Acid Rock Drainage Treatment
  • Cyanide Detox / Destruction Treatment
  • Cyanide Recovery Treatment Using AVR
  • Cyanide Regeneration and Copper Removal Using SART

Our retrofit specialization makes us an ideal engineering partner for revamp projects.  We have successfully executed projects in every area of industrial minerals processing facilities, upgrading equipment, improving efficiency and developing creative, practical solutions to support operations.  Whether as part of your team or leading a coordinated effort, we will deliver your project safely, meeting the budget, schedule and quality objectives reliably.