Kestrel provides a comprehensive range of coal fuel facilities technical services for our industrial clients.  Whether in utility power generation or industrial facility steam generation, we support capital and maintenance projects, ranging from fuel switching modifications to complete coal yard upgrades.

We understand the unique issues related to different coals, having broad experience in bituminous, sub-bituminous (PRB) and lignite coals.  There is no single “coal” specification – the specific properties and environmental context must be recognized to achieve safe and effective systems design.  We have a detailed understanding of the regulatory and code requirements related to coal handling, combustion and residuals disposition, participating with client teams to solve near-term problems and developing long-term strategies.

We design material handling and dust management systems specifically tailored to coal.  We have extensive coal handling experience, including transport, storage, conveyance and metering services in a wide variety of applications.  As well, our staff have designed coal beneficiation systems ranging from gravity separation to thermal conversion, including integrating such facilities at industrial sites.

Our retrofit specialization makes us an ideal engineering partner for revamp projects.  Whether as part of your team or leading a coordinated effort, we will deliver your project safely, meeting the budget, schedule and quality objectives reliably.

Kestrel’s coal experience includes the following systems and capabilities:

  • Crushing and Pulverizing Systems
  • Reclaim and Feed Bin / Bunker Design
  • Gravity Separation Systems
  • Materials Handling Systems
  • Fugitive Dust Control / Collection Systems
  • Combustible Dust Studies and Mitigation Systems
  • Truck and Rail Loading / Loadout Systems
  • Stockpile and Silo Storage Systems
  • Screening / Classification Systems
  • Drying Systems
  • Beneficiation Systems
  • Sampling Systems


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