The American Kestrel (Kestrel) is easily identifiable as the most colorful of the falcon family, but its colorful plumage is only one of its several exceptional traits. The Kestrel is not only the smallest raptor in North America, but it also has the most diverse feeding habits. The Kestrel can hunt from either a hover or a perch and commonly feeds on both small rodents as well as small birds, the combination of which is unusual amongst raptors. In addition, the range in the size of prey taken by the Kestrel is exceptionally broad, as it extends all the way from insects to birds twice its weight. The Kestrel is unique too in its adaptability, living in the nests of other birds, comfortable in both urban and rural environments, and changing its hunting grounds and nesting locations depending on the presence or absence of suitable prey. Combined, these traits make the Kestrel an extraordinary opportunist and a true survivor, as evidenced by its presence throughout North America.